Girls Junior Varsity Basketball · JV’s Put Practice into Performance in Rout of Westchester Wildcats

After spending hours on the practice court working on patience and fundamentals, the Flatbush Girls JV Basketball Team put those lessons to the test and passed with flying colors on Wednesday night (1/3/18) as the Falcons dispatched the Westchester Wildcats by a wide margin at the Falcons Nest in Brooklyn,  NY.

For the past number of games, the JV Falcons have struggled to score points, getting good looks and positioning only to have their shots fall short, bounce away or overshoot their target.  They have also been inconsistent in staying in position in their offensive sets, letting passing lanes collapse and forcing the ball when teammates aren’t fully open.  So, Head Coach Rozan Mizrahi and her staff have gone back to basics in practice, working on maintaining offensive positioning and focusing on utilizing the backboard on lay ups and close in shots.

That hard work showed dividends against the visiting Wildcats of Westchester Hebrew High School, as four different Falcons scored in the opening period.  Meanwhile, the defense was sharp, as Flatbush Mizrahi-coached teams usually are.  With three more Falcons adding to the point total in the second period, and the defensive pressure making it a real challenge for the visitors to score at all, Flatbush – paced by 6 points each from Sarah Cheney and Lorraine Levy – held a commanding 21-6 lead at the intermission.

The second half saw Flatbush slow to get back in gear, but after a few minutes, Levy again found her touch in finishing her drives to spark the Falcons.  With the Wildcat defense more spread out, Nicole Gani and Simone Dweck each hit a pair of shots to add to Flatbush’s lead.  The final quarter had Sarah Richter take control of the offense leading the break as the Falcons closed out the win by a score of 42-7.

NEST NOTES:  With Coach Mizrahi unable to get to the game due to illness, Flatbush got coaching help from the Varsity ranks as Senior Co-Captain Marlene Levy joined Assistant Coach Jon Gabriel on the bench.  “Marlene was a real asset tonight,” shared Gabriel.  She was great at not only encouraging the girls, but also in explaining exactly where they should be positioned both offensively and defensively.  I was impressed, but not surprised at all.”

One area that the girls showed they still have a long way to go in improving was at the foul line.  For the game, the team shot an abysmal 4-13 from the line.

For the JV Falcons, the team saw all but one player score points in the game.  The team was led in scoring by Lorraine Levy who tallied 12 points on the night. Sarah Cheney had 6 points.  Danielle Gani, Nicole Gani and Simone Dweck each had 4 points.  Sarah Richter scored 3 points.  Marcy Ashear, Esther Benjamin, Cynthia Hamaoui and Nicole Siri all scored 2 points and Teri Elmann hit for one point.  Playing, but not scoring, was Stephanie Mugrabi.