Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · JV’s Late Rally Falls Short; Varsity Struggles in Back-to-Back Effort

The Flatbush Girls JV and Varsity Soccer Teams took on their counterparts from Yeshiva University’s Central High School for Girls Thursday night (3/15), and they dropped both ends of the doubleheader to their Queens opponents – the first loss on the season for the Varsity – at the Falcons Nest in Brooklyn, NY.

The JV’s played the early game, and at the outset of the first quarter, the Flacons forward tandem of Claudine Hadef and Mimi Sultan got good pressure on the Central goal, and late in the quarter, Alice Franco nearly scored twice, but it was only Central that got the ball in the net. At the end of the first quarter, the visiting Wildcats held a 2-0 lead.

Flatbush Goalkeeper Barbara Salama made a sharp save at the start of the second quarter for the Falcons. Hadef nearly scored 4 minutes in, but pushed the ball just to the right of the Central post.  The Flatbush defense tightened up, anchored by the solid playing of Naomi Dayan, and began to control their zone.  Again, Franco nearly scored for Flatbush, but Central got help from the post to deny the Falcon attacker.  With 1:13 left in the half, Central lofted a shot that floated just over the outstretched reach of the keeper Salama for another Wildcat score.  At the break, Central led, 3-0.


It took almost 7 minutes, but Flatbush finally solved the Wildcats defense, with Simone Dweck knocking home a beautiful pass from Vera Durzie.  Central answered right back, though, three minutes later to regain the 3-goal cushion.  Flatbush was not done, as they kept up the pressure, and when Franco again got an open look, she made it count, driving home Falcons’ goal number two. With one quarter left to play, Flatbush had closed to 4-2.


Less than a minute in, reserve Goalie Betty Hidary thwarted a quality Central scoring chance, deflecting the ball up and over the goal.  But Central kept at it, and added to their score a minute later.  Central scored two more times after shifting the Falcon defense out of position. But, Flatbush was not conceding anything.  With a little over four minutes to play, Central took a hand ball penalty in the goal crease, and Dweck drove home the penalty kick.  30 seconds later, Alice Franco scored off a blast from the wing.  And, at 2:15, Central took a second hand ball in the crease, which Dweck converted for her second penalty score, and her third goal of the game.  Flatbush was back in it, trailing only 7-5.  However, Central was not sitting back either.  They got one of the goals back 15 seconds later.  It was an intense final two minutes.  Salama, back in goal, made one final save, and then the final buzzer sounded.  Flatbush had given a quality effort, but came up on the losing end of an 8-5 score.


The Varsity teams stepped out for the nightcap, and the visitors took quick advantage of a sluggish start by the Flatbush Varsity, converting an opportune scoring chance for a very early 1-0 lead. Flatbush had a golden opportunity to get the goal back when Nava Saad’s shot rebounded loose in the crease, but Regina Saada could not locate it, and the Wildcats defense cleared it away. Brenda Tawil had a few good looks, but it was her front line teammate, Esther Hidary, who got Flatbush even with a crossing shot into the opposite corner of the net.  Tawil nearly added on a moment later, but after her shot went just wide, Central had regrouped and reclaimed the lead with just under two minutes left in the quarter.  Hidary again had a quality shot, and it took a gargantuan effort from the Central keeper to deny her blast from within the crease.  At the end of one, Central led, 2-1.

In quarter number two, good passing from the Central offense led to another Wildcat early period goal.  Flatbush Keeper Renee Gindi soon came up with a strong save, and the ball advanced to Saada who had a great look, but could not turn the ball into the goal.   Again, Gindi came up with a big save, and again Saada had a quality shot turned away.  But, the Falcons kept pressuring the goal, and a shot from the corner by Hidary was redirected into the Central goal by a Wildcat defender to close to within one.  One thing had become clear by this point, thought.  this was a physical game, and the officials were calling it very loosely.  As a result, the falcons picked up a plethora of bumps and bruises, and cost them one of their top defenders as Betty Greenberg aggravated an earlier injury and would sit the remainder of the game.  The Flatbush defense continued to expose their goal, though, and two consecutive drives got past the defense.  With 6:40 left in the half, Central now had a 5-2 lead, and Head Coach Edie Koslowe took time to regroup her Falcons.  Flatbush picked up the pressure on offense, but again when the play shifted to the other end, the defense was out of position, and the Wildcats scored again.  With the clock running down, Flatbush had one more chance when Vivian Durzieh made a touch pass to Saada in the crease, but Saada’s shot had no pace and the keeper made the save. At the half, Central was in control, 6-2.

Central wasted no time getting back in the action, needing less than 30 seconds to add to their total.  Flatbush had a nice set up when Saada took the ball up the left side then made a nice crossing pass to Hidary, but it was slightly to much in the lead and took Hidary just past the goal.  Flatbush had some good chances, but again a defensive lapse let the Wildcats score again, giving the visitors an 8-2 lead.  With 4 minutes left in the third quarter, Coach Koslowe made a strategy shift.  Looking to spark the offense, she put Gindi on the floor, replacing her with Durzieh in goal.  Durzieh came up with a pretty save on her first chance, but the defense couldn’t clear and soon Central drove home goal number 9.  The Falcons nearly got it back, but Central again got behind the defense and collected score number 10.  The buzzer soon sounded, and by League rule, the goal differential ended the game.  Flatbush fell for the first time in 2018, 10-2.

NEST NOTES:  The loses put the JV record at 0-2 and dropped the Varsity to 2-1 on the season.