Girls 6th Grade Basketball, Girls 7th Grade Basketball · 6th & 7th Grade Girls put a Wrap on Seasons with Mother-Daughter Challenges

The past two weeks saw both the 6th Grade Girls and 7th Grade Girls Basketball teams put the finishing touches on their respective 2017-18 seasons with one final spin in the court, a challenge game between the student-athletes and their mothers, on the blue surface of the basketball court at the YoF Elementary School Gymnasium in Brooklyn, NY.

This “tradition” was started a few seasons ago with Head Coach Renee Dweck’s first 6th Grade girls team, and it has become a regular capstone event almost every year since. On Tuesday, april 17, the 6th Grade Ballplayers and their moms gathered in the gym, ready for one final run to close out the season, and they played hard!  The teams went up and down the court, and the team did not back down, weven though they gave away a great deal of height to their challengers.  In the end, the mothers came out on top, but by only 4 points!  “The girls really get excited for the event, but I think the mothers may have an even better time!” shared Coach Dweck.  “The game was a huggggge  success! It really was the most special night!!!”

A week later, on Wednesday, April 24, the 67th Grade girls took their turn at facing off against their mothers.  They showed the difference a year can make, as the 7th Graders brought all their experience to the court, and came away with the 6-point win to mark the official end of their season.  Head Coach Sylvia Franco was really excited with the response from both her players and their moms. Coach Franco noted that one mom even said, “I came just to watch with no intention of playing, but I’m so happy I ended up playing. This was one of the most energetic, fun nights I had in a long time.”  That was clear to everyone present.  Coach Franco went on to share, “Overall, it was a fun competitive night. The moms really wanted to win, but the girls stepped it up like always. Although it was a close game throughout, the girls took the lead in the end and shut the moms out. Win or lose, everyone had a great time. It was a great way for the girls to bond with their parents in a different way. We are so proud of the girls and can’t wait to see their accomplishments next season., when they move on to 8th Grade.”

(The coaches wish to add a very special thank you to Ms. Maria Maiman who helped out with the games, as well as to the classmates that helped run the clock.)