Girls 8th Grade Basketball · 8th Grade Girls Cap Season with Victory Over Moms

On Tuesday evening (5/15), the Flatbush 8th Grade Girls Basketball players donned their Middle Division Falcon uniforms one final time to take on their own mothers in a season finale Mother-Daughter challenge at the YoF Elementary School Gymnasium in Brooklyn, NY.

For the past few seasons, this has been an activity run for the school’s 6th Grade Girls and their moms.  This year’s group of 8th Graders, remembering how much fun it was for them two years ago, requested the Athletic Department hold another challenge for them in their final year at the Elementary School.  The Department obliged, and under the direction of Assistant Coach Sarah Horowitz along with the coordination and ground work from 8th Grade team member Grace Hidary, the 8th Grade girls and their eager mothers tipped off one more time on the light blue surface of the ES Gym.

It was clearly a different contest than the one two years ago.  The daughters were not only taller and faster, they were clearly more knowledgeable about the game.  They showed off the skills they have honed over three seasons under the tutelage of their Flatbush coaches (Renee Dweck introduced them to the Flatbush way as 6th Graders, then handed them up to Rozan Mizrahi who trained them as both 7th and 8th Graders).  As a result, they ran their offense and played team defense and finished the evening with more points than their elder opponents.

But, this event was not really about winning, it was about sharing the joy of basketball and competition and growth between mothers and their daughters.  In the end, they all had a lot of fun.  The girls especially enjoyed seeing their mothers playing. In addition to a spirited game of 5-on-5, they also played a few games of knockout and Georgetown as well.

Rachel Franco, mother of 8th Grader Lynn Franco, was especially pleased with the event.  “This is such a great activity,” shared the elder Franco.  “What a great way to celebrate our girls’ participation in athletics.  I am so proud of Lynn and her teammates.  It is a great way to send them off from Elementary School!”

Coach Horowitz added her own sentiments.  “Overall I think this program should be a mandatory event each year for all teams,” exclaimed the girl’s coach.  “It’s a nice bonding time!”

Oh, by the way, the girls won the game, showing that children can sometimes surpass their parents!