Boys Junior Varsity Basketball · Hausdorff 2018 is HERE!

Thursday (11/29) marks the start of the 23rd Annual Hausdorff Tournament and Shabbaton, held to honor and remember the life and work of Thomas Hausdorff, z”l, former Principal of Genereal Studies for the Yeshivah of Flatbush.  His spirit imbues the event, and rises to new heights with each and every passing moment of the annual event.

Here is the schedule for the 2018 Hausdorff Tournament, along with the link to the live streaming of each game and the preliminary Yachad event:

(LINK TO MyPlay Live Streaming)

[NOTE – the link will be active just prior to and during event competition]


Yeshivah of  Flatbush  –  Joel Braverman High School

November 29 – December 2, 2018 / 21 – 24  Kislev 5779

P  R  O  G  R  A  M

THURSDAY,  NOVEMBER   29th – 21 Kislev

5:00pm            Arrival at the Yeshivah of Flatbush – Joel Braverman High School  (1609 Avenue J)

5:15pm            Welcome and Presentation

5:30pm            Maariv

5:45pm            Yachad Chanukah Program / Dinner

7:15pm            Game “A”        Cooper Yeshiva   vs.   Katz Yeshiva H.S. of South Florida

8:45pm            Game “B”        Yeshivah of Flatbush   vs.       Farber  H.S.

FRIDAY,  NOVEMBER   30th – 22/23  Kislev

7:30am            Shacharit         –           Auditorium

8:00am            Breakfast

9:00am            Game “C”        Yeshivah of Flatbush   vs.       Cooper Yeshiva

10:30am          Shiur    (Beit  Midrash) followed by Lunch on Avenue J

12:30pm          Game “D”        Farber  H.S.     vs.       Katz Yeshiva H.S. of South Florida

 2:00pm            Return to host for Shabbat preparation

4:15pm            Mincha,  Kabbalat Shabbat,  Maariv

5:30pm            Seudat Shabbat

6:45pm            Program

8:00pm            Oneg  Shabbat (Continued at the Home of Amy and Steve Sasson)

SHABBAT,  DECEMBER  1st  –  23/24  Kislev      Parshat  Vayeshev

 9:15am            Tefilat  Shabbat

11:30am          Siyum Pirkei Avot  and  Kiddush

12:30pm          Seudat  Shabbat

2:15pm            Mincha / Menuchat Shabbat

                                    Return to hosts and Maariv/Havdalah/Candle Lighting with hosts

7:00pm            Game “E”        Farber  H.S.     vs.       Cooper Yeshiva

8:45pm            Game “F”        Yeshivah of Flatbush   vs.   Katz Yeshiva H.S. of South Florida

                        “Split the Pot”  DRAWING  &  4-SHOT  PARLAY  SHOOTOUT  (Halftime)

10:30pm          Wings & Fries  Party

SUNDAY,  DECEMBER  2nd – 24  Kislev

9:15am            Shacharit

10:00am          Breakfast

11:00am          Consolation  Game

12:30pm          Championship  Game

2:00pm            Mincha

2:15pm            Awards  Banquet

4:00pm            Departure  for  hom