Borenstein, Avi

Borenstein, Avi

Coaching Staff / 2016-2017

Team: Boys Varsity Basketball
Position: Head Coach

Since the Fall of 2013, Coach Avi Borenstein has been serving as the Head Coach of the Flatbush Boys Basketball Program.  He is directly responsible for the on-court coaching of the High School Varsity and JV Boys basktball teams.  Under his guidance, the Flatbush program has increased both regular player-coach contact time, and the game schedule has grown.

Coach Borenstein also serves as the Tournament Director of the Emunah/Rubenstein Basketball Tournament, a tournament that is comprised of teams from local area yeshivot and that plays out over a weeks time, using multiple home venues (including Flatbush) in the metropolitan New York Area for the preliminary rounds, with the Semi-Finals and Finals hosted at both TABC and SAR.  Prior to 2014, this tournament was exclusively for Junior Varsity level teams.  Starting in 2014, the tournament will also include a Varsity competition as well.

Coach Borenstein has been a head coach in the Yeshiva League for over 10 seasons, having coached at The Frisch School in Paramus, NJ and JEC in Elizabeth, NJ.  During his tenure at Frisch, he guided the Cougars to multiple MYHSAL championships at both the JV and Varsity Levels.

Coach Borenstein is the lead partner in the law firm of Borenstein, McConnell & Calpin, P.C. in Springfield, NJ.  In his spare time, he also is partners with a group that produces Broadway shows.  He resides in Springfield, NJ with his wife.  He is the proud grandfather of 5 young Flatbush Falcon fans!